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Erasmus+ it is the program of the UE for the education, the formation, the youth and the sport in Europe. It will give to over 4 million Europeans the opportunity to study, to form him, to acquire experience and to make volunteer abroad.


The program Erasmus+ offers the possibility to develop to people of every age and to share knowledges and competences near institutes and organizations of different countries.


The opportunities offered by the program Erasmus+ interest an ample range of organizations, among which university, institutes of education and formation, centers of search and deprived enterprises.


The program Erasmus+ proposes him to contribute to the strategy Europe 2020 for the growth, the occupation, the social equity and the integration, as well as to the finishing lines of ET2020, the strategic picture of the UE for the education and the formation.

The program also aims to promote the sustainable development of its partners in the field of higher education and contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the EU Youth Strategy.

Among the specific themes addressed by the program:


The results achieved by the Erasmus + program are included in reports and statistical collections, as well as the Erasmus + project platform, which includes most of the initiatives funded by the program and a selection of good practices and exemplary stories.


Statistics on the Erasmus + program can be found on the relevant page.
Information on the progress made with regard to the ET2020 parameters is available in the monitoring report of the education and training sector.
The finished progress in comparison to such objectives are also visible in a series of interactive maps.
Similarly, information on the situation of young people in Europe is included in the Youth Monitoring Report.


The program Erasmus+ will be submitted to a revision of middle period, that should complete him in 2017, and to a study of impact, that will be published at the end of the program in the 2020.

Video presentation about Erasmus mobilities